Hooked Bear 1956

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Fishing season has begun and park ranger J. Audubon Woodlore goes out on the lake to check on the anglers. Humphrey the Bear is trying to catch some fish, but cannot seem to hold onto one once he catches it. Woodlore sees the fish disappearing before his eyes, so he decides to stock the lake with some more. As he heads to the fish hatchery, he sees Humphrey with a few fishing nets and rods, and asks him what he is doing. When the bear tells him that he is going to catch some fish, Woodlore takes the rods and nets and tells him to "Go fish like a bear!" At the hatchery, Woodlore selects an envelope of fish eggs from a collection of eggs. He fills a tub with water and inserts the eggs into it. In a matter of seconds, several fishes pop up out of the water like plants out of soil.

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